Use Of Mango Butter

Used topically, Mango Butter protects skin against the harsh effects of environmental elements, effectively reduces the formation and appearance of wrinkles, and helps repair dry, damaged skin. Mango Butter can be applied directly to matured, cracking, peeling, chapping, irritated, itchy, rough, or tough skin. Applied as is, it is ideal for skin conditions requiring deep hydration and conditioning to heal faster. It can be applied to skin that will be or has been exposed or overexposed to the sun. It can also be applied directly to insect bites, rashes, and eczema to soothe itching and to facilitate the healing of minor cuts or cracks caused by dryness. The light texture of Mango Butter and its non-comedogenic property makes it an ideal moisturizer for the face and neck.

Mango Butter can be used directly as a mild lotion or cream, even on sensitive skin. Furthermore, to enhance its ability to boost skin’s sebum secretion, which in turn promotes younger and softer skin, Mango Butter can be blended with a natural carrier oil such as Jojoba. For a moisturizing alternative to soap, skin can be washed with Mango Butter in the shower, or it can be used as an alternative to shaving cream. 

It is known to reduce stretch marks and the burning, itching, and stinging sensation of the skin. It is known to also remove dirt and toxins that accumulate on the skin due to pollution.

Mango butter penetrates deeply into the skin when massaged and helps to heal tensed muscles. 

Mango butter does not clog pores and hence can be used on oily skin and the skin that is prone to acne. Let us now summarize the main cosmetic and medicinal uses of mango butter.

  • Medicinal: Protective, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerative, Anti-oxidant, Analgesic, Anti-aging, and Antimicrobial
  • Cosmetic: Soothing, Anti-oxidant, Protective, Anti-aging, Softening, Regenerative, and Moisturizing